A Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet is turned into a film set

Boeing 747-400 G-CIVW that becomes a film set. IMAGE: Alec Wilson via Wikimedia

At least one of the Jumbos withdrawn from British Airways must win a more worthy destination than dismantling or key fob. The company will receive the Boeing 747-400 with a G-CIVW license plate for film, commercial and video clips.

The aircraft flew from the Cardiff maintenance base in Wales to Dunsfold Airfield in southern England this Thursday (22). Boeing will mate with another similar aircraft, a B747-200, with the registration G-BDXJ, that has been used in films such as 007 Casino Royale and the UK series Top Gear, as well as in clips and television commercials.

According to the FlightGlobal portal, unlike the G-BDXJ, which is all white, the G-CIVW remains with the company’s painting and the name Chatham Dockyard to commemorate the reign of the Queen of Heaven. The airport management promises that the aircraft can be viewed even when it is not rented out.

The G-CIVW flew from BA between 1998 and March 2020 when it was deactivated in the process initiated by the airline that expected all 747s in service to be decommissioned by four years. Jim McAllister, Dunsfold Chief Executive, said the on-site team was very pleased with the aircraft’s arrival.

“The 747 is a unique and important piece of aviation history and we are delighted to receive this aircraft at Dunsfold Aerodrome. Although G-CIVW will no longer fly, it will remain and have a new life in the world of television and film, training and special events, ”he said.

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