9mm ammunition. of Peruvian fame for the North American market notes

The Peruvian Army’s Arms and Ammunition Factory (FAME SAC) has entered the US market with a contract with Quasar Management LLC. K7 AMMO, Indiana, valued at $ 250,000 for supplying a batch of one million 9x19mm cartridges. of 115 grains. In addition, there is a $ 890,000 supply agreement with Rockwell Defense LLC (Virginia), which provides for the delivery of 3 million 9x19mm cartridges between May and next June. of 147 grains.

According to FAME SAC, these sales are the result of the strategic planning carried out since 2019 by its General Manager, Coronel EP (r) Ernesto Pérez Valdez, who tried to expand international markets for the wide range of ammunition produced for the they have quality certifications that add that the commercial management is already promoting their products in countries in the region.

The Army of the Arms and Ammunition Factory (FAME SAC) in the former Hacienda Nievería (Lurigancho-Chosica) is a private state company dependent on the Ministry of Defense and the National Fund for the Financing of Business Activities of the State (FAME SAC) FONAFE) which Developed, manufactured, assembled and marketed ammunition for war and civil purposes since 1963 to meet the needs of the armed forces and the Peruvian National Police as well as the civilian sector.

The ammunition line for civil and military purposes includes, among other things, the 9 x 19 mm caliber, which is manufactured in various weights, e.g. B. 115 grains in FMJ (Full Metal Jacket), HJSP (Half Jacket Soft Point) and HJHP (Half Jacket) versions. Hollow Point), 124 grains in FMJ and HJSP versions? ideal for personal defense, 147 grains -subsonica-FMJ and 130 grains shirtless; In addition to the production of the caliber 7.62 x 51 mm – 147 grains in FMJ and MATCH versions – ideal for hunting and sport shooting, 9 x 17 mm. (.380 ACP) FMJ and 7.62 × 39 mm – 123 grains FMJ. In addition, there is the NATO caliber 5.56 x 45 mm with 61 FMJ type grains, which has been manufactured since 2018 after the Alpha-250EX loading and assembly machines were acquired.

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