737 MAX certification advances and GOL plans are returning by the end of December

Photo – GOL / Disclosure

The Boeing 737 MAX’s return to the skies around the world is an increasingly concrete certainty. However, it remains to be seen when the airlines will be able to get them back online.

GOL is one of the major airlines in the world operating the 737 MAX and has a basic network with the aircraft’s operational capacity. Flights from Brasilia and Fortaleza to Miami and Orlando were carried out exclusively with 737 MAX aircraft due to their flight autonomy.

The Brazilian company has 7 out of service aircraft in its fleet. In a statement released today, GOL commented on the return of the aircraft.

“The company has completed renegotiations with its smaller aircraft partners, which has allowed GOL to realize impairment losses on current and future leases and convert part of the monthly payments from fixed to variable (hourly). GOL’s agreements are aligned with the recovery in demand for the remainder of 2020 and 2021 and will also represent an effective saving in the company’s unit cost structure. “

“These contracts have lower rents in the medium and long term, which avoids increased costs due to onerous agreements with simple deferrals. The estimated total cash flow savings over the next twelve months for these contractual adjustments with our aircraft leasing partners are expected to exceed R $ 1.2 billion. “

GOL also reiterated that returning to operation with the 737 MAX will guarantee the company a decrease in cash burn. This is because the new plane uses less fuel than the current 737-800. It makes it possible to fly further with less fuel and with the same number of seats.

The airline also released updates on the progress of the new 737 MAX certification in its notice to investors. Recently, the FAA and EASA reached final details before completing certification and issuing the new operating license for the aircraft.

On October 6, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a preliminary report by the Flight Standardization Board (FSB) on the proposed training of Boeing 737 MAX pilots, in which the agency identified half a dozen procedural steps that must be completed before The FAA gives final approval to airlines to fly this aircraft again. “

“The report incorporates the recommendations of the Joint Operations Evaluation Board (JOEB), which recently met. JOEB is made up of civil aviation authorities from the USA, Canada, Brazil and the European Union. On October 26th, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) confirmed that it is also close to full approval. GOL expects to resume operations with MAX by the end of December 2020. “Said GOL in a statement.

In addition to the current aircraft, GOL has a few other aircraft that were manufactured at the time that are not in service. Photos posted on the internet show that the last aircraft with the company’s color will be the PR-XMR registration. In total, more than 13 aircraft have been manufactured since March 2019 and have not yet been delivered.

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