5,100 kilos of cocaine are seized in a military operation by Venezuela’s armed forces on the Colombian border – news

That Sunday, National Anti-Drug Superintendent, M / G Richard Lpez Vargas reported that Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) officials were dismantled in the middle of a border operation in the south of Lake Maracaibo in the state of Zulia, two drug processing camps that house 5,100 Kilos of cocaine were confiscated from Colombia.

There were two structured camps with laboratories for cocaine hydrochloride processing, which contained 5,100 kilograms of cocaine, 8,300 liters of liquid chemicals, 4,100 kilograms of solid chemicals, and other items of criminal interest.

López Vargas emphasized that after five days of operational work, the camp was located between the communities of Jess Mara Semprn and Catatumbo of the Zulia state in the west of the country. They had a full structural operation that included more than 5,100 kilos of processed cocaine, totaling more than 12 tons of narcotics confiscated so far this year, he said.

In addition to the camps, five secret tracks were located and destroyed. The entire operation was carried out in coordination with the National Anti-Drug Superintendent, the Western REDI, ZODI 11, the National Anti-Drug Command, the Air Command and the CZZ-11 of the National Guard.

According to López Vargas, this border operation is a major blow to the Colombian groups, explaining that the laboratories installed on Venezuelan territory are only 100 or 200 meters from the geodetic line that separates the border with Colombia, a place where they are it is not easily accessible even to be seen from the air; Only with operations like those that have been developed can we have access to these places on the Venezuelan side.

Lpez Vargas reported that in this operation in 2021, 12 thousand 40 kilos of 319 grams of various drugs were seized in the country in 667 trials in which 885 people were arrested for their direct involvement in these crimes, he shared on his personal Twitter Account.

The President of the Republic, Nicols Maduro, decided a month ago to create the National Anti-Drug Superintendent and appointed M / G Richard Lpez Vargas as the first National Anti-Drug Superintendent, confirming that this institution will be of great operational importance Level, political and institutional coordination to combat all drugs that Colombia tries to invade Venezuelan territory.

Maduro said that Colombia produces 80% of the world’s cocaine, and 8% of it in total circulates or tries to pass through Venezuela. He pointed out that a massive fight against drug trafficking is being waged on Venezuelan territory (). The superintendent will be vigilant towards the neighboring country. () All drugs caught in Venezuela come from Colombia, the Colombian narcotic state, led by a gangster who is Ivn Duque, who at the time of the announcement assaulted the national representative.

New National Anti-Drug Superintendent M / G Richard Lpez Vargas has held the position of Head of the National Anti-Drug Office (ONA) and has appreciated the opportunity to work full-time in the fight against drug trafficking in the importance of bio reform -Drug Act (LOD), which is currently being analyzed; because, in his opinion, these crimes occupied spaces in political, economic and humanitarian affairs.

He reported that there are issues to be addressed in the bill, including the type of crime that is not specified in the Organic Drugs Act (LOD). Crimes in which individuals directly involved were excluded but not prosecuted were not prosecuted.

Venezuela was expelled by the US Drug Control Administration (DEA) in 2005 and is conducting operations against drug trafficking from there, to date more than 800 tons of these substances have been seized. Last week, the National Anti-Drug Superintendent spoke about the cooperation between Venezuela and Mexico to fight current criminal groups engaged in international drug trafficking. (Thiany Rodrguez, Caracas)

Photo: During the border operation, the Venezuelan armed forces located five secret runways and destroyed them.

Venezuela’s new National Anti-Drug Superintendent M / G Richard Lpez Vargas states that 12 thousand 40 kilos containing 319 grams of various drugs were seized in 667 proceedings by 2021.

Laboratories for processing cocaine hydrochloride were found in the two dismantled camps, which contained 5,100 kilograms of cocaine, 8,300 liters of liquid chemicals and 4,100 kilograms of solid chemicals.

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