36 soldiers detained in Venezuela released

The NGO Foro Penal, which leads the defense of political prisoners in Venezuela, made it clear on its Twitter account that the government of Nicols Maduro has approved the release of only 3 soldiers out of 36 released uniformed men who are on their list of prisoners of conscience , the rest went after serving sentences for “common crimes” and not on political grounds.

Of the three released soldiers, two were aviation members and were serving prison terms a year ago after being convicted of the 2014 Blue Coup, as the Venezuelan government called it in 2015. This was an event related to a violent attempt to oust power to President Maduro. The cases correspond to first lieutenants Luis Hernando Lugo Caldern and Petter Alexander Moreno Guevara detained at the National Center for Military Prosecutors (Cenapromil) in Ramo Verde and arrested in 2015.

Lugo Caldern served his sentence on October 20, 2019, while the first Moreno Guevara served it on November 22 of the same year. The sentence was 4 years, 9 months and 10 days for inciting crimes, rebellion and improper use of military decorations and regalia. It was also known that the Bolivarian National Guard lieutenant Carlos Luis Jimnez, arrested since 2018, was released for the so-called Fnix coup for the alleged assassination attempt on President Maduro. There was no military among them until September 2020, when Maduro granted several pardons.

There is still no statement from the Venezuelan government or the military authorities. In the presentation of its latest report on political prisoners in Venezuela on Tuesday December 1st, the NGO Foro Penal reported that as of November 30th, 359 persons had been deprived of their liberty, of which 128 military cases included political prisoners. (Thiany Rodrguez, Caracas)


– As of November 30 of this year, 359 had been deprived of their liberty in Venezuela for political reasons, 128 of which, according to the NGO Foro Penal, came from military cases.

– On August 31, President Maduro passed a pardon, which included pardoning prison and releasing 110 people for various reasons, including no military personnel.

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