3 years have passed since the fall of the ARA San Juan-Noticias

On the third anniversary of the sinking of the Argentine Navy’s submarine, the ARA Granville corvette and the ARA Puerto Argentino Alert held a shipping ceremony.

The ships that were used to control the sea were honored in the position of the wreck of the ARA San Juan submarine and cared for the eternal rest of their 44 crew members.

During the training on deck, the commander of ARA Puerto Argentino, Lieutenant Commander Cesar Orellana, explained: One day 43 men and one woman came from the four cardinal points of our country to become seamen and later in the crew. of the ARA San Juan submarine; Today they stay here on perpetual patrol. They represent a pride that moves us all to be privileged witnesses of what they were, of their beliefs, the coherence of their lives in taking an oath, and again the greatness of their example.

Society in various parts of the country is already recognizing their commitment and dedication to the service. Undoubtedly, they are already in history, respect for them does not allow divisions, does not know disagreements, their names collect and raise different values ​​and different pains. You are the witnesses and protagonists, with no petty interests, no selfishness, with a tremendous message of belonging to the Navy that is uttered in silence, said Captain Orellana.

To end the formation, the crew of the naval advisor threw white roses into the sea. The commander of the corvette ARA Granville, Frigate Captain Manuel Alejandro Lazarte, uttered allusive words in which he said: We know that the 44 sailors who went aboard the ARA San Juan were men and one woman with a calling to service and with the To accomplish the mission of sailing silently beneath the surface of the sea, with the effort and sacrifice that it entails. (Luis Pieiro)

Photographs: Argentine Navy.

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