24,000 new bulletproof vests for the Civil Guard

Each vest of the more than 20,000 that is delivered consists of two ballistic panels, a front and a rear, and is accompanied by three outer layers in the color of the Civil Guard and a carrying case. The chest protection area is 85% for each size. The design allows the user to carry the weapon, face it and shoot in different shooting positions. It will have a maximum weight of 2,375 kg. (Size M) and the maximum thickness of the ballistic plate with its cover is 6 mm.

The vest must withstand shots from five meters of 357 caliber magnum revolver ammunition with a semi-armored projectile, lead point and 158-grain bullet and 9-mm pistol ammunition. Parabellum, armored projectile (FMJ) with 123-grain and 9-mm bimetal jacket Parabellum, EMB, 93-grain monoblock projectile. The garment is also resistant to the penetration of bladed weapons.

The bulletproof vests for external use are necessary so that the personnel of the various civil defense departments have an effective means of self-protection against blows from firearms in the various services and interventions they carry out. Bulletproof vests of this type must provide a quick and easy system to be attached and secured to the body, light weight, flexibility, thickness, comfort and a high level of protection in order to carry out the missions that the Corps components are in a Safe against shocks from firearms that can endanger their physical integrity The Spanish company FECSA has received another order to supply Citizen Security bulletproof vests for the personnel of various Civil Guard units for a certain number of people 10.2 million euros, that’s 12.3 euros including taxes.

Fbrica Espaola de Confecciones SA prevailed in the tender against the trading company Source Vagabond Systems, which was excluded because some of the requirements contained in the Technical Regulations (PPT) regarding the traceability of the material used in the panels of the vest were not met. The deliveries of the West, which as expected in July have a tax-free unit price of 406 euros, will be distributed in annuities of 3.4 million euros for the years 2021 to 2023, with deliveries expected between January 1 of next year. and on April 30, 2023. (Jos M Navarro Garca)

Photo: Some of the vests of this model have been delivered before (Civil Guard)

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