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Rosoboronexport, a national state broker in the Russian defense trade and a Rostec subsidiary, revealed several interesting facts as part of its 20th anniversary. Since November 4, 2000, when the company received its exclusive export rights to the full range of military equipment, it has signed more than 26,000 contracts with 122 countries to supply $ 180,000 million in material. Since several companies maintain the approval for after-sales contracts independently of each other, the stated amount should be increased in the order of 15 percent. As a result, Russia was consistently ranked second among the world’s arms dealers.

According to the company’s chief executive officer, Alexander Mikheev, that data includes 85,000 million aerospace equipment, while that for air defense and ground forces exceeds 30,000 million each, and that of the Navy reaches 28 million. The remaining 7,000 were for special forces, space, dual-use technology, and civilian weapons and merchandise. These numbers also include infrastructure facilities and military personnel training. Rosoboronexport has a large portfolio of licensed production agreements and joint ventures in India, Jordan, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries.

On the other hand, it has announced that it will bring more than fifty modern weapons and items to market in the next five to seven years. Potential best-selling products will be the Armata family of armored vehicles, the fifth generation Su-57E fighters, the embarked Ka-52 and Mi-28E helicopters suitable for night operations, and the Antey-4000 air defense missile system. The aim is to promote technology transfer and joint ventures with various countries and to promote civil products. On October 15, President Vladimir Putin honored Rosoboronexport’s achievements in the field of defense and security with a certificate of honor.

Photo: The Mi-28NE helicopter.

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